Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hot Sexy Men Selfies

In this age of mobile technology, everyone has a Camera on their smartphones and taking selfies of oneself is something everybody is doing. So here are some sexy, hottie selfies of men.

I don't know why, but most selfies of guys I've always seen nowadays are either they are in the GYM or at the Bathroom. Hmmm... I wonder what was the significance of it but he is definitely a hottie!

This could've been sexier if he took that shirt off!

I love Asian men specially when they have a body like this!

Men in Uniform! I always turned on everytime I see a man in uniform. This guy is definitely oozing hotness with that gorgeous muscles... and take note of the hair down there!

He is really a Guy with iPhone material... the body and those six-pack-abs! OMG! Yummy!

Another Guy with iPhone and he has a sexy hot body!

A guy wearing hoodies is mysterious for me and I really dig more about them when I see one... 

He must have been working out so hard. Those abs and the obliques... Oh-so-sexy! It turns me on!

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