Monday, April 14, 2014

Athlete's Bulges

Some of us love to watch sports because of the game, some love to watch because they are a fan of a certain team or player, but I know there are a lot who loves to watch sports because of the 'Athlete's Bulges'. Here are some Athlete photos with bulges. Enjoy!

Those medals are nothing compared to the bulges they showed!

Ok, we know that those extra pounds are contributed by that bulge!

The expression shows that something wants to get out... Give him a hand!

And the winner is...

You can ring my bell... ring my bell!

Oh yeah! Goal! Yes, that's your goal, to see some bulge...

Now I want to try out wrestling!

I wonder if they are playing beach Volley or Swimming, but I am sure you want to see them live!

oops! Scenes like this are my favorite part of Football/Soccer game.

Ok, don't move yet! Our eyes are fix on those (What time is it?)

Row, row, row your boat... gently showing bulges down the stream!

Yes! we are all looking at your bulge!

...and yes we are still looking!

Seriously, what time is it?

Oh-la-la! Wrestle me now!

That one is really angry! Don't let it come out!

That is one red hot chili! hahaha...

Run fast! We are watching your bulges!

I wonder how it looks like to watch the slow-mo on his run!

and this one too...

Ok you can rest all you want with that position... We all love the view!

I wanna swim... and keep swimming... keep swimming.

Throw that away... and we will discuss after that!

Now I am not sure if I want to join the Air Force or in the Triathlon...