Sunday, November 16, 2014

Nick Jonas Drops His pants on 'Ellen' and Flaunt his Body at 'Flaunt Magazine'

Well, you gotta love this news. Nick Jonas Decided to drop his pants of on the Ellen DeGeneres’ show. Some would be disappointed because he just drop off his pants and didn't include his undies, but who cares? Let's just work our imagination with this one!

Well, this is (Maybe) to plu his magazine stints on 'Flaunt' Magazine, as he drops his clothes off and show a little of his 'butt' and his whole sexy body!

Check this 'Ellen' video out!

But you gotta love his 'Flaunt Magazine' photos as he literally flaunt his yummy sexy hot body!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hot Sexy Men Selfies

In this age of mobile technology, everyone has a Camera on their smartphones and taking selfies of oneself is something everybody is doing. So here are some sexy, hottie selfies of men.

I don't know why, but most selfies of guys I've always seen nowadays are either they are in the GYM or at the Bathroom. Hmmm... I wonder what was the significance of it but he is definitely a hottie!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Tattooed on my MEN

Check out some hot tattooed men! they're not just men with tattoo, but they are hot hunky men with tattoo!

Sexy Beach Buddies

The face, the body hair, the muscles... Perfect for the beach!

David Beckham for H&M Underwear

I am not really particular on underwear brands, but definitely the endorsers of certain brands are the one who encourage me to buy the product they advertise. Just like David Beckham's Hot H&M Holiday Ads back in 2013. Guess what... I just bought few H&M underwear online because David Beckham is so hot with the following H&M ads back in 2013.

Your Favorite Superheroes!

What if your fave superheroes' costume are like this...? What will you call them if there's already avengers? Well, I'd love to call them A-Bulges!

Athlete's Bulges

Some of us love to watch sports because of the game, some love to watch because they are a fan of a certain team or player, but I know there are a lot who loves to watch sports because of the 'Athlete's Bulges'. Here are some Athlete photos with bulges. Enjoy!

Those medals are nothing compared to the bulges they showed!

Handsome and Sexy Hunks for Your Eyes

Hey ya! Forgive me for hibernating for so long. I was a bit away for a long time but I am back now ready to serve you some #Sexy, #Hottie, #Macho guys to sizzle your day ahead.

Here's one... a sexy, handsome and gorgeous guy to start up your day!

He can take off that shirt around his waist anytime if you want... but for now, you just have to use your imagination...

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